Tuesday, 7 December 2010

UNdane Postcardiology.

People collect post cards for different reasons. To document history, geography, culture, religion or something else.

I collect post cards because the pictures are nice. It's really not complicated.

Here are 5 more.

When I own 10,000 I'm going to open a museum.

Monday, 6 December 2010

UNdane Quote of the Week.

Sometimes you don't need anything except a line.

'You cannot give somebody joy
But you can find it by trying.'

- Jonah Matranga.

a bevy of blablas

'A Bevy of Blabas' by Lynn-Anne Bruns

See more Undane photography at the UNdane Flickr pool here.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

UNdane:- Deltiology

More facts about post cards

George Parfitt.

Boomerang Media Cards.

Arcade Magazine.

Turin Brakes.

Scan and send me picture post cards! The brighter the better, the weirder the better, the funnier the better - iris@undane.co.uk

Friday, 29 October 2010

The UNdane Photographer:- Joao Xavi

Introducing Joao Xavi, one of our UNdane Flickr photographers.

Joao was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1982 and grew up on it's outskirts. He makes photographs, videos and music and cannot live without these things. He now lives in Germany, and says he's trying to find out what's going on in this crazy world.

His Flickr page is full of beautiful colour photographs of the many places he's travelled to, including many of his home city.

.outono.herbst.autumn @ gostenhof.

.gostenhof @ nürnberg.

.cena suburbana.

1.) What do you love about photography?

I'm just in love with images. I started my "artistic works" with music, really young. I started to play as a DJ, then I did MC work for some bands (hard core, hip-hop) since 1998.

At this time I was already connected with visual art but I have a problem: I absolutely cannot draw! So I started to take pictures and try to get more and more into this visual graphic world.

I started to take pictures in 2003, with really simple digital cameras, and I just did it to have some fun. Taking pictures from my hood, concerts, friends...

2.) What most inspires you to take photographs?

Everything! Right from my beginnings with photos. I just started to click everything! A lot of times people look at me and ask: "what are you

I came from Rio de Janeiro, a city famous for being so beautiful. But I came from the outskirts of Rio, and there I tried to discover another image of Rio, outside of this "clichés". Sometimes my great inspiration is make something that does not look pretty look nice or just different.

3.) If you could go anywhere to photograph anything, what would it be?

The moon, of course!

4.) What does the UNdane mean to you?

I think its exactly this process of looking a little bit differently at the same things. Everything can became a possibility.

5.) What are your favourite UNdane things to photograph?

The streets. I just call myself an "urban voyeur". I love the life in the city because the cities are always on the move.

People are in movement. Buildings are getting old, new things are coming. Everything changes. But you need to have eyes to see, not just to look.

.abbey road - third world.


.filma eu.

Thanks Joao!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

UNdane:- Elvis-ness

Tiki Heads and Elvis

Tiki Heads & Elvis by Jay Lee

The other day, I received a text from a friend that was full of Elvis song titles. No particular reason - she just felt like it.

For the rest of the day I couldn't stop listening to Elvis songs.

Inspired by that, here's some Elvis (and also Lego) related brilliance:-

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Undane:- Deltiology

Look! It is a history of postcards!

Very exciting.

These are 5 more of mine. Pretty, no?

Remember! Scan and send your picture postcards to iris@undane.co.uk.

The more bizarre the picture, the better.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

UNdane: Deltiology

5 more postcards of brilliance from the vault.

- Jessie Ford.

- Tom Collier.

- Boomerang Media Cards.

- Boomerang Media Cards.

- Boomerang Media Cards.

If you have postcards with awesome pictures on that you'd like to share, scan them in and send to iris@undane.co.uk.

Monday, 18 October 2010

UNdane Monday:- Guinea Pigs Dressed as Bees.

I think we all need to stop what we're doing and take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness and absurdity of guinea pigs in costumes.

Okay. That is all. Resume normal activities now.

Friday, 15 October 2010

The UNdane Photographer:- Bobby Pfeiffer

The first in a series of mini-interviews with photographers who contribute to the UNdane Flickr pool, and a showcase of their photographs.

I'm kicking off by introducing Big Rock Cat, AKA Bobby Pfeiffer, resident of sunny California, USA.

Her Flickr page is an array of travel and sunshine and every day scenes portrayed from a cheeky and fun-loving perspective.

Hey, Monterey!

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.


Hot Instamatic Chocolate

What do you love about photography?

'I love the fact that the camera is my extended vision, an extra pair of eyes. I am an extremely visual person and I need to see things in a new and interesting way every time. I love the light play, the challenges in perspective, and the act of composing a shot, and in this regard photography is much like writing.

I also very much like the way photography communicates with people - it's a direct and unbiased representation and the rest depends on the personal interpretation.

And of course, I like to just go out and hang around with my camera. It's a great way to meet people and to express ideas. '

What most inspires you to take photographs?

'The right light, an expression on the face of a loved one, a feeling...everything inspires me, really.'

If you could go anywhere to photograph anything, what would it be?

'Ha! I would literally go anywhere and photograph anything! Why limit myself if I had the choice?! However, I want to visit NY and shoot there; the Aurora Borealis (although I hate the cold); wild animals, especially big cats in their natural habitat, and of course, I would love to take the portrait of some of my favorite rock stars, especially Zack DeLa Rocha and Eddie Vedder.'

What does the UNdane mean to you?

'Well, I guess it's something similar to what I stand for in my Life, Love, Art blog - life as art.'

What are your favourite UNdane things to photograph?

'Hard to say. I would go for objects like cups of coffee made looking alien (as shown below).'

Everything's Illuminated

camden town - it's a blur

shaun white and I

Thanks Bobby :)

Visit the UNdane Flickr group for more from Bobby and our other talented photographers.