Sunday, 29 August 2010

Daytripper: Molepolole, Botswana

Happy September.

Today we're getting out the virtual picnic basket and going to the village of Molepolole in Botswana. Mainly because it has an awesome name. Also, it's warm there.


Photograph by Zampano!

Molepolole is the largest village in Botswana, with a population of over 69,780 as of 2008. It's also one of Africa's largest traditional villages, although the Molepolole tourist web site tells us it's becoming more and more modern with each passing year.

Molepolole Southern Botswana

Photograph by Ian White

The Bakwena tribe reside in Molepolole, one of three major tribes in Botswana.

Masarwa man -

Photography by JonRawlinson

The village is named after the Molepolole River and is 50km away from Gaborone, the country's capital. It acts as a gateway for people wanting to explore the Kalahari Desert.

The temperature there is currently 27C and I firmly believe we should all go there immediately.

Molepolole Southern Botswana

Photograph by Ian White

Chiefly Residence

Photograph by Lee Otis

Molepolole. Yes. I'm getting a bit sick of typing it now. But it's pretty.