Sunday, 8 August 2010

Jump Around.

If someone asks you to jump in the air, then takes your photograph, you CANNOT do it without coming over all brilliantly happy for a minute. It's impossible. I have decided to prove it by making everyone I know and his dog do it. People have said no. That's fair enough. But most have been really up for it and have taken part with varying levels of enthusiasm or occassionally, embarrassment (well, I guess getting them to jump in the middle of a pub garden with everyone watching is a bit cheeky).

Like everything else I do with photography, beyond 'come on it'll be fantastic, it'll make you happy' there isn't a lot of point to this, but it's fun. And the resulting photographs are nice.

And it is quite freeing. Just don't jump off a ledge onto concrete in bare feet - I've learned that to my detriment.

Mary Jumps.

Steph Jumps.

You can find more jumpers on Flickr

I'm always looking for more jumpers. Get in touch if you would like to take part.