Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Pointless (Yet Nice) Question.

Before you read this, watch The Wilderness Downtown

Use Google Chrome.

Not only is it a work of visual brilliance, it's so pretty and will make you think fondly of wherever you grew up.

Also, it's got The Arcade Fire in it. Who are stunning. Yes.


I don't know what got me started on the idea, but I began wondering which 3 parts of my hometown I'd save if the entire place was about be razed to the ground to make way for a shopping centre, or giant Travelodge or similar.

So I asked a bunch of people what they would save from their hometown.

(Okay, I actually posted it as a Facebook status but whatever. Noone actually talks to each other anymore...)

Here are the anonymous, yet no less real, responses:-

If the city/town you grew up in was about to be destroyed, which 3 parts of it would you save?

In Berkhamsted? the pubs by the canal, my parent's house, and the art deco cinema.

My house, My mother's house and the library.

My house (well Mum and Dads!), Clockhouse Station and Beckenham Place Park!

My house, the woods and the caravan where I kept my bunnies.

Autumn Leaves

Arbroath: Arbroath Abbey, the Harbour, the Nature Trail (aka 'the valley') near my mum's house (although if we're not talking landmarks I'll save Mum's house, Gran's house & 192 Brechin Road)
Rhyl: the beach, Harker's Monte Carlo Amusements ...

Where Is The Beach?

My dad, my house and the road to get the hell outta there.

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. The South Bank. Postman's Park.

Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

Oh wait I just had a thought! I would like to save the Horniman Museum instead of Clock House station!

Chicago Rock Cafe, Asda and Planet Kebab!

I would protest to save everything.

Primark, the stables where I go riding and my flat!

The three lighthouses.

None. Progress is the way forward, no matter how heart wrenching.

Of New Addington? Nothing! I'd assist in the destruction.

Penge, Battersea Power Station, The Forum in Kentish Town.

One Day Like This

(The last one is mine.)