Sunday, 29 August 2010

UNdane Monday: Iris Jones Vs Trapped Gnomes.

I've always wanted a traditional garden gnome. With a pointy red hat and a blue coat and brass buttons and a fluffy white beard.

But I wouldn't keep him in my garden, I would take him travelling.

Or send him travelling with someone else, a la Amelie.

Image by Elloh

Travelling Gnomes:-

The Traveling Gnome

'The Travelling Gnome' by Doc18

Garden gnomes, Gura Humorului, Romania

'Garden Gnomes, Guru Humorului, Romania' by Irish Guy

checking the strip

'Checking the Strip' by Garth the Gnome

for kris

'For Kris' by Mr Moor

gnome at Sacre Coeur

'Gnome at Sacre Coeur' by Pret a Voyager

gnome away

'Gnome Away (St Petersburg, Russia) by Paintballgooroo2

Gnome at the lake

'Gnome at the Lake (South Africa)' by Fredericjon

Thor on the Great Wall, Badaling, China

'Thor on the Great Wall, Badaling, China' by Planet Janet

Björn Hitchhikes for an Elephant Ride

'Bjorn Hitchhikes for an Elephant Ride' by Uberkenny

The gnome is cold

'The Gnome is Cold (Texas)' by HelenCE

And some travelling gnome links:-

Free the Gnomes!

Garden Gnome Sale

Garden Gnome Liberationists

The Prank


Swedish Nissa, by me..

What would you call your garden gnome and where would you take him?


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