Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Make Your Day Better.

I was driving along the other week and I saw this on the side of the road:-

Written on hoardings around a building site. I immediately started paying attention to where I was so that I could come back with a camera and find it again.

It took a while but I did.

Things to do to Make Your Day Better as You Walk Past These Hoardings.

If that's not UNdane, I'm not sure what is.

PS It can be found in Kennington, London, on Camberwell New Road, at the Oval end.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

UNdane Deltiology.

The UNdane Interview is taking a break. Keep checking back for more nonsense and pretty things though, as there is plenty of that.

In the meantime.....

Iris Jones Postcardography

I am a Deltiologist.

Over the years my collection has grown into the hundreds. I can't decide if this makes me an old woman or oddly fabulous. But either way, postcard joy will now follow:-

Sleeping Lamb, 1994, Photograph by Larry Gianettino

Boomerang Media Cards

'Assortment of Garden Gnomes', image courtesy of Malcolm Russell for Museum of Garden History, London.

Rebecca Manley for Boomerang Media Cards

Boomerang Media Cards

More to follow...

Monday, 27 September 2010

UNdane Monday:- Kid Again

The best part of being an adult is being a kid again.


Photograph by Ingrid Opstad

potato scallops on 5 August 2010 - day 217

Photography by Len Matthews


Photograph byBracket

Its not you, its me

Photograph by EGmoller

Handmade felt & fabric bunny!

Photograph by Jenny

.procurado @ berlin.

Photography by Joao Xavi

Lucky Catz

Photograph by Nikhil Patel

Some Friendships Gonna End

Photograph by Jan

Mini Hanging People (With Buttons)

Bad Monkey

Stick Man Goes For a Walk


Thanks to the members of The UNdane group on Flickr.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The 1st UNdane Postcard.

Cyril the UNdane Party Hippo came for me in the post last week.

Thank you Mary :)

He might become the UNdane mascot from now on.

Send me more UNdane postcards! (Which I realise might be quite difficult if you don't know my address. You are welcome to request it).

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The UNdane Interview:- By Definition

Ever since 2007 there has been a new force on the streets of Brighton...

Devil's Eye by bydefinition

By Definition are a 5-piece, self-proclaimed 'stoner rock' band based in Brighton. They are Rob, Dan, Fil, Stex and J and they've agreed to talk to me about music, playing gigs and...socks.

Let’s start at the beginning. Describe your sound - Using only song titles by your favourite bands.

'Mice and Gods, Super Terrorizer, Hungry Child, Ahh Blugh.'

(Clutch, Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity)

How did you come up with the name ‘By Definition’?

'Ironically we originally wanted to do all sorts of music, so “By Definition” would be funny because we were indefinable. As it turns out we quite easily slipped into ‘Stoner Rock’ and have stuck with it. So, for now at least, we are By Definition = ‘Stoner Rock’.'

Where did you play your first gig as By Definition and what was it like?

'Our first gig was at the much missed Pressure Point in Brighton. It went pretty well. The reception was better than the material.'

What’s been your favourite and least favourite gigs over the years?

'So far our favourite gig has been our EP launch at the Brighton Freebutt. Had a great turn out and even had people singing along! Doesn’t get much better than that. As to our worst? I think the gig at a club which will remain nameless, where we finished our first song to a deafening silence. Not even a sympathy clap. They LOVED us…'

Of all your songs, which is your favourite? Give us a reason to immediately listen to it.

'Currently we'd say Red Lines (a new track we are working on ). Awesome groove, killer riffage, vocals ain’t too bad either…'

What’s been your biggest achievement as a band so far?

'Probably getting through to the final 6 of a recent battle of the bands. Good to see a pretty face, and pointing at your crotch can get you everywhere…

Also, successfully releasing our first EP and receiving reviews in Rock Sound magazine and airplay on Total Rock Radio.'

What are your goals for the future as a band?

'Gigs, gigs and more gigs. We are aiming to develop our fanbase outside of Brighton so keep your eyes peeled. We could be coming to a town near you!

We are also writing like crazy at the moment, and have lots of new material in the works which we are hoping to record in the near future. Hopefully early next year.'

I want to start a band but I have no idea where to begin. Give me some start-up tips.

'Get some like minded friends and practice, practice, practice! Don’t expect things to happen all at once and don’t be afraid to chat to other bands, they don’t bite and inter-band friendships can be beneficial to everyone!'

'UNdane’ is the concept that beauty, happiness and creativity can be found within the mundane. Using this definition, what does UNdane mean to you? What is your idea of the UNdane? Give me some examples of UNdane things that make you happy.

'Dry socks – we can’t stress this enough. Maybe not beauty, but happiness and creativity are much helped by having them.

The first cup of tea of the day – ‘Nuff said.'

Seven-Tailed Scorpion by bydefinition

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Si - The Soapmakers - Clutch
Rob – Come to Me – 65daysofstatic
Dan – On March the Saints - Down
J – Redneck - Lamb Of God
Phil - Warzone - Slayer.

By Definition Upcoming Tour Dates:-

9th October – The Hydrant, Brighton (downstairs) – FREE SHOW with our mates Gutterfly

31st October – The Wingspan, Crawley – (with This Means War & Gutterfly)

2nd December – The Wingspan, Crawley

EP Details:-

We self released our debut EP ‘Eyes on Wires’ in February. We have been selling physical copies at shows but it is also available to download from –


We have also released a 2 track sampler from the EP featuring the track ‘To The Bone’ and an exclusive track ‘Seven-Tailed Scorpion’ which you can download for FREE from –

By Definition are shouty and growly and I approve. You should listen to their stuff immediately and then go to a show. And then buy a T-shirt.

Photographs by Aperture Ninja and Immortal Decadence

Friday, 17 September 2010

48 Pictures of Sky

Last week I was in a bad mood on a train.

The result was '48 Pictures of Sky', a title that could probably be lengthened to '48Pictures of Sky Taken on My iPhone In a Bid To Keep My Mind Occupied, While Everyone Else On The Train Stares At Me Like I Might Be Mad'.

48 Pictures of Sky #1

The playlist that goes with this set of photographs is as follows:-

The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day
Lily Allen - Mr Blue Sky
Eddie Money - Two Tickets to Paradise
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Vampire Weekend - White Sky
Paul Weller - Above the Clouds
Supergrass - Sun Hits the Sky
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky
I Am Kloot - Northern Skies
Brand New - Play Crack the Sky
Turin Brakes - Above the Clouds
Alucidnation - Skygazer 3002 Remix
Noah and the Whale - Blue Skies
Maps - To the Sky
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Learning to Fly
The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into the Sun
ELO - Mr Blue Sky
Jimmy Eat World - Goodbye Sky Harbour.

48 Pictures of Sky #2
48 Pictures of Sky #3
48 Pictures of Sky #4
48 Pictures of Sky #5
48 Pictures of Sky #6
48 Pictures of Sky #7
48 Pictures of Sky #8
48 Pictures of Sky #9
48 Pictures of Sky #10
48 Pictures of Sky #11
48 Pictures of Sky #12

Sky on Spotify

Iris Jones on Flickr

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The UNdane Interview: Leon Jackson.

Leon the DJ

This week it's Leon Jackson's turn to face the UNdane interview. He's a 28 year old Computer Support Engineer from south London who juggles work with a new family and a daily commute to Central London that can take 3 hours. He LOVES music more than most people I know (he introduced yours truly to a LOT of the music I now love and has made me countless mix CDs over the years) and DJ's in his spare time. From getting firmly on the decks at a house party to rocking out over the airwaves with his weekly radio show, when it's not about everything else it's always about the music.

What do you like about playing music for other people?

I love introducing people to new music, giving them something that they didn’t even know existed. I can’t really describe why but it’s an awesome feeling and very addictive.

When did you first get into DJing and what inspired you to carry on doing it?

My good friend Crusty ran a promotions company and wanted someone to DJ between bands. I volunteered my services and that’s how it all began, way back in the Cartoon club in Croydon in 2001.

How did you get your name – DJ Guttersnipe?

Guttersnipe is my Net moniker – the definition is “street urchin: a child who spends most of his time in the streets, especially in slum areas”, which at the time I thought was particularly fitting seeing as I was from Penge and spent most of my time out and about in Croydon/Bromley/Central London etc. And I was lazy so just put ‘DJ’ on the front of it.

Where do you think your love of music comes from?

Not sure… probably my mother - she was always listening to something or other. Up until my late pre-teens I wasn’t into music at all. A couple of my friends were though- one of them gave me a copy of The Offspring’s “Smash” on tape and it all started from there.

What is the first album you ever bought?

As I said, I was given stuff on tape by mates of mine, so I accumulated quite a few of those before buying anything. I think the first album I bought was Green Day’s “Dookie” back in 1994. Though I had the whole Megadeth and Metallica discographies on tape at that point as well as some late 80’s/early 90’s grunge on disc that my Mum gave me.

You have your own Wednesday night rock show on the Internet. Tell us about that.

I currently DJ on the XLMAX channel @ I play mainly Rock/Metal/Alt with some sprinkles of randomness in between. Currently the show is on 21:00-23:30 GMT so if you’re reading this then tune in some time! The more the merrier!

What would be your dream venue/radio station to DJ at?

Commercial radio doesn’t really appeal to me; it’s too restrictive, too many adverts and way too many f****g repeats! You also have such a limited playlist - I’d only do it if I got paid enough to not have to work anymore. As a result of that mindset I’m quite happy on, the only thing that would make me happier is if they added an alternative/metal substation and I did my show on that. That would be awesome!

You fit your radio show and general love of music in around your day job and family life. Tell us why it’s important to keep your hobbies in your life as you grow older and things get more hectic.

It helps me to stay me rather than turning into my job like I see with so many people. All they do is work for the stuff they want; house, car etc but they have less and less time to enjoy it because they have to work so long and hard for it. Hobbies are a happy medium.

Do you have any tips for people looking to get into DJing but not knowing where to begin?

Just take the opportunities when they arrive and make some of your own while you’re at it.

‘UNdane’ is the concept that beauty, happiness and creativity can be found within the mundane, the little things in life. Using this definition, what does UNdane mean to you? What is your idea of the UNdane? Give me some examples of UNdane things that make you smile.

UNdane means a hell of a lot to me! It’s what makes life beautiful and interesting. Yeah the big events in life are awesome, but it’s the little things that really make you appreciate how wonderful life can be. An UNdane example would be something I saw years ago. I was on the underground and sitting next to an elderly couple, they must have been in their 70’s at least. What struck me about them is the fact they were holding hands and talking to each other in a way that seemed like they were just as much in love as when they first met. The passion that you think burns out with age was very much there and alive. It certainly made me smile and it also made me hope I am as lucky as them when I reach their age.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

That I cannot possibly answer - by the time you publish this it would have changed. As I write this it is “William, It Was Really Nothing” by The Smiths. It has stayed my favourite for a while longer than my usual favourites.

Thanks Leon :)

Leon the DJ

Monday, 13 September 2010

UNdane Monday:- The Nice Yet Pointless Question (Roald Dahl, Toasters, Other Stories).

Toaster Wall

'Toaster Wall' by Ross

Today would have been Roald Dahl's 94th birthday.

I don't know about you but I wish I'd met him.

And my favourite Roald Dahl book was The Twits. (What was yours?)

To celebrate, here are the answers I received when I asked everyone I know via three different electronic mediums the following faintly absurd question:-

Do you own a toaster? Does it do anything special? What would be your ideal toaster?

Vader Toaster

My toaster has blue neon lights on the side that count down the time till the toast is done. I think thats pretty cool. It also smells like burning plastic though, which is not so cool.

As mine is a £5 Argos alcheapo, it sometimes burns the toast and sometimes does not even switch on.

I used to have a toaster that a) smelt of burning plastic and b) vibrated/hummed whilst it burnt the toast! It too was £5 but from Woolworths!

I have a toaster. It turns bread brown and crispy. Thats about it.

My toaster sets off the smoke alarm.

My toaster doesn't even toast bread.


'Toaster' by H. Wren

Mine can only accommodate two slices of bread at a time, this is obviously a complete nightmare. My ideal toaster would be a four-slice...

my toaster at work only toasts one side of the bread...

It's not as good as our old Parkinson Cowan grill, which toasted our bread with its dangerous napalm. The toaster is green, plastic, and sounds like a cybertronic tortoise. It has several buttons that are nice to touch but as for their actual functions - not a clue, the key's been worn off. My ideal toaster would resemble a 50's diner, all chrome and blue neon lights, with red hot filaments on the inside, and when the bread was done, it'd make the sound of an alarm clock going off.

I like toasters that toast things.

Er, my toaster is a beautiful red Delonghi 4 slice. It has muffin and bagel settings too. Nothing overly special but it matches the kettle. My ideal toaster would have a little grill underneath with a tray so I can heat up croissants without having to turn on the oven. However, if it could get the bread out of the bag, toast it and then put peanut butter on it and put it on a plate, that would be good too.

red toaster

'Red Toaster' by Snappy Shop

My current toaster is evil and nearly electrocutes people when they use it. My ideal toaster has 4 slots, blue lights and the voice of the computer from Star Trek.

My toaster has a rack attached which you can slide on top to warm your buns! And it is very effective!

My ideal toaster would be a transparent one so that you can see when it is done. It should also be shaped like a bunny rabbit and you push it's tail to cancel.

Toaster Invasion II

'Toaster Invasion' by Unity

My toaster is nothing special. If I could have one that did something magical it would make toast that has the option of added cheese. Instant cheese toaster, yum.

It's s**t. It's Tesco Value and cost £3.50. My ex bought it for me. Not sure if it still works. It doesn't do anything special. I'm not a toaster kinda guy.

Claire says her toaster is good and can do 4 slices...

From this we have learned that most of us need to invest in better quality toasters.

Good Morning Sunshine Toaster Teapot

'Good Morning Sunshine Toaster Teapot' by Kristin Miller

My own toaster burns smiley faces into one side of the bread. And I find this quite sinister to be honest.

toaster cat

'Toaster Cat' by Heather