Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Daytripper: Eureka & The Loneliest Road In America.

End NV-278 South at US-50

Photograph by Sagebrushgis

This week we're heading to the town of Eureka, located in Eureka County, Nevada, USA. Partly because I stumbled across it by accident whilst looking for San Diego on Google Earth, and partly because I drove past it once when travelling across America and thought it was the best name for a town EVER. I wish I had actually gone there. So let's pretend-go there. Next best thing, yes?

Eureka is situated along US Highway 50, which is nicknamed 'The Loneliest Road In America'. It's apt, as the nearest town (Duckwater, Nevada) is 59 miles to the south.

The Loneliest Highway in the World

Photograph by kla4067

It's the biggest community in the county of Eureka, Nevada.

Local attractions include the Eureka Opera House (built in 1880)

Jackson / Eureka

Photograph by Rigmarole

Raines Market & Wildlife Museum

Aerial Battle

Photograph by Uncle Bumpy

The Eureka Sentinel Museum, housed in the Eureka Sentinel Newspaper building, built in 1879

Eureka Sentinel Museum - Eureka Nevada

Photograph by Macmaroon

Eureka was first settled in 1864 and was a mining town (mainly lead).

It sits at an elevation of 6,500 ft above sea level and is the highest of the 3 towns in Eureka County.

The temperature reaches an average of 83C in August, and the same month sees the odd monsoonal thunderstorm.

Sulphur Springs Lightning

Photograph by Geologyrox

If you like the dust, the desert and being in the middle of absolute tiny-town American nowhere, this is the place to go visit. Or at least, virtually visit. Or pretend to visit. Or tell yourself you'll visit one day when you have the time, a hire car and happen to be over that way.


Photograph by Mudsharkalex

And if you get sick of being in the back of beyond, it's only a drive of 6 hours and 37 minutes to Las Vegas. Win.


Photograph by Ferlorenzale

Thanks for the (virtual) memories, Eureka.

Thanks to Travel Math, Wikipedia and Flickr Maps for making this trip virtually possible.