Sunday, 23 October 2011

100Happy Blog.


Today's #100happy is a blog someone alerted me to the other day. I think it's worthy of a #100happy because the idea of writing down 3 things that made you happy today, and each day, is an excellent one.

'1.Having to write three happy things forces you to search for them in your day, even if it’s only for the reason that you need to add it to your diary, things that, in more negative circumstances, you may have not even noticed.

2.Writing only about positive things in your life enables you to apply a filter, which is not to say bad things do not happen, because they certainly do, but you just filter them out. There’s been many a night when I could not think of a single happy thing, and I could have written a book about all the things that sucked in my day, however, as I was not allowed to write them down, I just moved them out of my head, and replaced them with happier (albeit way more trivial) things.

3.Thinking about the happy things for that day allows you to stay in the present , thereby stopping you dwelling in the past or putting too much pressure on a potentially unrealistic future.

4.Lastly, writing three happy things before you go to bed allows you to go to sleep with a smile on your face.'

- The author, Three Happy Things.

So, yeah.

I really like this idea.

That link again. Clickety click.