Wednesday, 9 November 2011

100Happy Today - Elephant Parade

One of my 100Happy's is treasure hunting - I love it. And another is elephants. So when I heard that the Elephant Family's Elephant Parade was coming to Copenhagen this past summer, I decided the only sensible thing to do would be to jump on a plane armed with only a map of the city and a camera.

Proper treasure hunting has to be a challenge, and so there was no technology involved in hunting the elephants - no Google Maps, no translating tool. I had a list of the places where the elephants were hiding - IN DANISH, and a metro ticket. If you think it's easy to navigate a city this way when you don't speak the language and you've never been before - it's not. But it was fun.

And the locals didn't bat an eyelid whenever they were asked where the elephants were - 'it's about yay high and oh yes, it's bright pink...'

I found nearly all of them and discovered hundreds of hidden parts of Copenhagen in the process.

Here are my photographs of some of the best ones:-

(If they were here now, winter would be much brighter.)