Wednesday, 29 February 2012

100 Happy February Day 29.

Today is a.) The last day of Beat the Blues on a Budget February (hooray! Spring is tomorrow!)

and b.) 29 February which means that we're living outside time and space and logic...

...and therefore it's time to be a Superhero.

Of course.

So, here are some last February tips for cheering up for cheap, as well as some super hero themed joyful things:-

- Make a cape and mask and pretend to fly around the house. Or jump off a wall so your cape splays out behind you. A low wall. And definitely not the roof.

- Make up your own superhero name and theme song. Use this superhero name generator to help you. My super hero name is The Extraordinary Mariner. Awesome work.

- Take the Which Superhero Are You? Quiz. I am The Green Lantern. Hot headed but full of will power with a good imagination.

- Save the world with The Green Marine.

- Create your own super hero courtesy of Marvel. I created the Extraordinary Mariner. She looks like a pirate.

- Think of ways to make the world a better place. Then implement them. Start by listing stuff that makes you happy. Do it every day. It's called 100 Happy and it's not bad, you know...

Inspiration is Everywhere


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