Friday, 17 February 2012

100 Happy February Day Seventeen

17 days of gloomy February gone, and here are some more cheap or free ways to make life more fun, brought to you by 100 Happy and our friends and relatives.

Sometimes, when there's nothing going on in your area that interests you, you gotta make your own fun.

My friends Leon and Helen, realising that a.) we're not all made of money to go to the cinema and b.) there's nothing better sometimes than staying in watching movies with friends, came up with The Heleon Movie Club for their friendship group. And now, twice a month, we all vote on what film we want to watch and then get to spend an evening together eating crisps, catching up with one another, and getting to see a film that maybe we haven't seen before. It's a great idea. Plus, it's got us all talking about film. Plus, all it costs is Leon's stipulated entrance fee: snacks. The simple ideas are usually the best.

Also, here's a site called The Bad Film Club for your entertainment.

Another of my friends, Roisi, well into her roller derby but disappointed in the lack of a team in her area, set up the Surrey Roller Girls and in a couple of short months, it's snowballed and the interest has been flooding in.

Like doing something, can't find an outlet for it? Find likeminded people and organise your own fun. (Not applicable if you count 'fun' as killing kittens etc)

Basically, as some tiny sports brand once remarked - just do it.