Wednesday, 1 February 2012

100Happy February Day One

February is a short month but it can also be the most depressing month. It's still pretty dark, the weather is bad and a lot of us are still suffering from post-holidays lack of cash. I had to spend £800 I do not have this month on fixing my car, and being broke for the rest of a month that is decidedly NOT very pleasant made me think - what free/cheap ways are there to cheer oneself up and keep oneself occupied until March arrives, and with it payday and (hopefully) spring?

So I asked my friends. And so this month, 100 Happy brings you their top tips for how to fight the blues on a budget...

Day One - by Kirsty Palmer

'The best tip I know is to randomly try on all the clothes in your wardrobe in silly combinations that make you giggle. Take (and post if you like) photos of the combinations. Costs no money and can be done in the comfort of your own house. That, or stick some really cheesy music on and dance round your living room. Enjoy!'