Monday, 14 May 2012

UNdane Monday

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous"

- Bill Moyers

Last week:-

- A four year old with chicken pox taught me all about the Octonauts, something I knew nothing about. Looking them up online afterwards provided entertainment on an otherwise boring late shift...

Although I'm not sure what business a sausage dog has under the sea. (Click to view)

- I wore a black and gold studded skull T-shirt to work under my uniform. Because if you have to do a job that makes you wear a non-stylish uniform, you may as well do what you can to feel like yourself. Other hidden non-uniform items: knee socks with lace around the top, a giant zombie head tattoo on my leg. Hmm.

- Thinking about how operating a coach tour of the M25 (Britain's most despised motorway, largely due to the fact that you can't move more than 3 feet along it without hitting a traffic jam, a deer or someone trying to widen the carriageway using only a high vis jacket and a spanner)is the most UNdane thing I could imagine, I found this Guardian article and it made me smile so much that now I want to go on the next tour...


  1. Awesome. You are just awesome!

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