Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tuesday's Tattoo (On a Wednesday): Darren's Tattoo

The quest to collect tattoos and the stories behind them continues...

"Why the national trust? If I was to give you the short answer, I'd tell you it was for nostalgic reasons. People may look at it and think I might have had it done as some kooky ironic attempt at having something unique.

However the reasoning is more close to my heart and my upbringing. Being brought up by a single parent, my grandparents were a big part of looking after me and when the school holidays came around, it was their task of entertaining me. The return to school after the holidays would be met with children discussing trips to chessington world of adventures or a family trip to America, these places seemed alien to me. So different from my own experiences. I didnt envy these children. Log flumes and junk food seemed less romantic than playing Pooh sticks and eating a cream scone at Ashdown Forest. Children would proudly show off their gadgets and branded shirts, but did they have a ruler with all of the kings and queens of Great Britain written on it?


I really enjoyed history as a child. Whats not to love about learning a story about kings and queens in a castle and then actually visiting that castle? Getting lost in a maze. Gift shops with treasures that you wouldnt find in your local everyday shop. Rubbers, oversized pencils, leather bookmarks with gold font amidst the smell of pot pourri. You probably think I'm over romanticizing my childhood like most of us do when looking back. But I see nothing wrong with that. Isn't something that isn't real the definition of magic?"

July 2012


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