Thursday, 5 July 2012

UNdane Postcardiology: - Misc.

Another sample of my now absolutely enormous picture postcard collection. Have I become prematurely old? Is it time to retire and go to postcard conventions, to which I can take an anorak and home made scones? Actually, that would be awesome. Here are some post cards added to my collection quite at random this week, including one I found under the bed, one sent to me from America (thanks Jody!) and one bought at Wimbledon during the tennis tournament, for approximately £87.50...

1: - Synergy at Spoke Art, San Francisco CA
2:- Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
3:- Across Gorgoroth by Ted Nasmith 1994 (Harpercollins)
4:- Still Burning, Sally Spinks 2009, Tenderpixel London
5:- You're Not My Friend by Magda Archer, 2009, Tenderpixel London