Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Non-Scary Post.

There is no Urban Dictionary entry for 'Non-Scary Post' and this is sad. There should be. I will now create my own, here, for you:-

Non-Scary Post [nuhn skair-ee pohst]
Adj. Noun? Erm...

1. Post you receive that is not a bill, statement or other post that when picked up off the doormat prompts the response 'argh!' because you know it's going to tell you that you owe money or have no money or are otherwise poor and rubbish. 

2. Correspondence that your friends and family send you, often a letter or postcard but sometimes picture or small gift

3. Post that makes you smile and say 'hooray'. 

4. Post that comes in bright, glittery packaging.

Yesterday I was feeling grey, because it was a grey day. I opened the front door and sitting on the mat was some very happy non-scary post.

A beautifully giftwrapped bespoke necklace I had ordered from handmade jewellery company Stars n Scars  accompanied by little sweets. 

The little, out of the ordinary things can put a big grin on your face. 

As I type this, I'm chewing on a raspberry flavoured Maoam that I didn't expect to receive. 

And the necklace is awesome too, proudly displaying the town where I grew up. 

Next time you send something through the post, bung a chewy sweet in there. You'll probably make someone's day. 


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