Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday's Tattoo: Tanya's Tattoo Story.

People ask me about my tattoos so much nowadays that I decided I wanted to start collecting other people's. This is Tanya's tattoo story:-

"This is my 3rd tattoo, and my favourite! I had it done on my homeward stretch of 18 months of travelling. Its Maori designed and symbolises the seas and mountains that I’ve crossed and includes a female turtle which represents me! I wanted it to represent the fact that I’d travelled thousands of miles and experienced many different things, but that I was returning to my birthplace ~ I guess just like turtles!! I love the fact that it tells the entire story of my travelling and that it’s original to me!!

I got it done in June 2005 in Rarotonga, The Cook Islands by a man called ‘T’. He is considered one of the best tattooist’s in the South Pacific. His tattoos are true works of art. I remember looking for his place when I arrived and it wasn’t where it should have been due to Cyclone Meena, which hit the island in February 2005 but I asked around and eventually find him in a little hut! His sign described tattoos as ‘Visible Mark’s of Life’s Journey’, which was exactly what I wanted! I very nearly missed my flight due to this man, I came out with my ankle covered in cling film and luckily for me, a guy that I’d done a skydive with in Fiji zoomed past on his moped, gave me a lift to my hostel to collect my luggage and then took me to the airport!!

When I look at this tattoo it reminds me of my travelling days and being free spirited. Although I have returned to my birthplace, I’m not sure it’s home anymore..."

April 2012