Monday, 4 June 2012

UNdane Monday: Tacky Jubilee Things You Can Keep In Your Cupboards.

My Grandma had a biscuit tin with a giant picture of the Queen at her coronation on it. She had a lot of biscuit tins and they all kept different types of biscuits or cakes in them. The coronation biscuit tin was for the bourbon creams. Maybe that's why I liked it. I wish I'd kept it but alas, it is now gone forever.

My mum has a little red tin that's a memento from the Silver Jubilee in 1977. She used to keep tea bags in it. Now it sits in the back of her cupboard, maybe waiting for the day a grandchild might discover it and say 'erghh what's THIS, why do you have THIS - ooh, biscuits!'

In 2002, when it was the Golden Jubilee, a couple of friends of mine lived in a road that was throwing a street party. My friends and I were all 17 and 18 - we had the day off college. Instead of pretending we were all too cool to go to a street party, we went - we hung out with our friends parents and their neighbours, we even wore red, white and blue (skater jeans and rock band T-shirts, but still in the appropiate colours. Or black.) We stayed there all day and all evening. There was cake, there was football in the street, there was even a hired singer later on, who sang things like Oh What a Night! and made us dance.

I can't quite believe this picture is ten years old.

Now it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and I am an adult. It occurs to me, somewhere in the deep recesses in the back of my tiny little mind that someday I might have grandchildren, and that should that occur, I should follow in the footsteps of my parents and my grandparents, and have something to show them. I don't laugh at my mum's tacky tea bag tin anymore - I want my own tacky things with the Queen's face on. I have actually bought mugs.

Also, this:

And this is sort of cool:-

Happy Jubilee everyone. Have a party, eat a lot of things with jam on and remember to save tacky, pointless mementos for your kids. They won't care but they might be able to put biscuits in them.