Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tuesday's Tattoo (On a Wednesday) (Henceforth to be called 'Tattoo Stories") - Gemma's Tattoo Story.

"It was when I was at University. And I moved away from home and I left all my best friends behind, and I left my boyfriend behind, split up with my boyfriend. And it was about a year in, and I was really really really really miserable, and unhappy. And I started to think a little bit more about things, think a bit more about life, and look into my family history, that kind of thing. I found out that my Dad was actually Italian. And obviously, he wasn't I just wanted to have a little something to remember him by. And so every day I could look at it and think that actually, it doesn't matter how much I miss everybody, everybody's with me, including him. And that everything is going to be okay. And that life is good. And that actually, I'd have part of him with me every day, even just there, so that I'd wake up and see it every day. And I'd be happy.

I had it done in Cambridge at a tiny tiny little tattooists that was down by the river. And it was really quaint. Nothing particularly special about it, I don't even remember the name."

July 2012