Thursday, 23 August 2012

UNdane Postcardiology :- Postcards from the 80's and Bold Slogans

More picture postcards from my ever growing collection. This week includes a postcard I found on my parents cork board, that has been there since 1988 (sent from America by an old family friend), a postcard given to a friend of mine, passed on to me, and some from a recent binge-buying episode in Paperchase.

1 - 'Cake' - Inkworks
2 - 'The Weather is Here' - Dean Morris Cards
3 - 'Cream in my Coffee' - Keep Calm LTD
4 - 'Munch's The Scrum' - Simon Drew TQ6 9DR
5 - 'Optimistic Map of the USA' - David Jouris 1987, Hold the Mustard Productions, Berkeley CA