Thursday, 27 September 2012

Things We Learned:- During Freshers Week & University Postcards

Today marks 10 years since I began University. I know this because I have been tagged in a few posts on Facebook celebrating this anniversary. It makes me feel weird and old and incredibly happy and kinda sad. Has it really been 10 years? etc

(This blog post is really for anyone who has ever been to University, and specifically for anyone who went to Winchester and fell in love with it, like me.)

So, in the spirit of celebrating the little things, here is a list of the little things that I remember from my first 24 hours at University, 10 years ago today, aged 18 (and with scared bug eyes):-

- I wore my red Hiding With Girls band t-shirt
- The first time I met my female housemates, we had a conversation about potato peelers and Lambrini
- I tried to make beans on toast but my new pepper shaker exploded and pepper went all over it, thus ruining my first ever University meal
- I couldn't tune my television in
- My first ever trip to the student union bar resulted in us not getting in because by 7pm it was already one-in-one-out (1st lesson learned - always get there at 6!)

And still in the spirit of celebrating the little things, here are a lot of little quirks I remember about Winchester, my wonderful University city:-

- It was always raining. Af if Winchester existed in a parallel universe where all it did was rain
- You could never go anywhere without finding yourself at the bottom of a steep hill that needed to be climbed, usually with 10 shopping bags.
- Every spring, around April, the farmers would fertilise their fields and the entire city would smell of manure for a week.
- Living in a tiny city in the middle of a valley where it always rained in the pre-digital age meant that there was never any television signal. You could get BBC if you were lucky, on a Thursday, if you held your television aerial slightly above your head in a north-westerly direction. Channel 4 may as well not have existed. Channel 5 was a myth.
- Argos were permanently sold out of portable television aerials.
- It was perfectly possible to run into Frank Turner and various members of Razorlight down the pub.

Here are some postcards from my geeky postcard collection that I got during that first Freshers week, 10 years ago:-

If you're currently at University, word of advice:- you will never be this free again in your LIFE!