Monday, 8 October 2012

UNdane Monday: Photographs of People in Front of Walls.

I'm no good at portrait photography, although my friend Giada is so you should have a look at her photos here (click).

However, I have learned, or maybe just decided, that putting a person in front of a wall, with some natural light and a pose, is simple and brilliant.

Some of my favourite ones:- 

1 - Becky Black, Trafalgar Square Oct 2012
2 - Dave Owen, at home, 2009
3 - Sheldon K Goodman, City of London, Jan 2010
4 - Sarah Jarrett, Penge (London), Aug 2008
5 - Giada Garofalo, South Bank (London), July 2009
6 - Hatty Ashdown, North London, April 2010
7 - David Davis, Shoreditch (London), August 2010

Photographs by Iris Jones