Thursday, 18 October 2012

UNdane Photographs:- Paris in Colour

On a Ryanair flight to Stockholm in February this year, I got to reading the inflight magazine. I don't know why. It was there. I was probably looking for the drinks menu. Whatever. But it turned out, there were some really interesting features. Including one about a photographer who was releasing a book called Paris in Color. The idea was so simple and the pages so lovely that I had to tear them out and keep them:-

There was also a blue one, which my friend Tim has.

I went to Paris this week, armed with camera, Metrocard and feet, and decided to try my own Paris colour collage. Paris in the autumn turned out to be absolutely FULL of colour, and despite the weather forecast showing rain, rain rain, the sun came out.

I've started off with blue, seeing as that's the page I'm missing...