Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Pickle Bag.

My friends and I did Christmas in January this year. Because there wasn't time at ACTUAL Christmas. We gave each other presents and we're all usually quite creative when it comes to gift-giving. This 'Christmas' was no different, and my friend Kate presented us all with our very own 'Pickle Bag'.

It's a concept I had never heard of but it makes SO MUCH SENSE, especially to someone like me, who is always losing everything at the bottom of giant handbags and can more often than not be found on the scrounge for someone else's lip gloss/chewing gum/bobby pins as a result. 

It's a cute little purse that contains one of everything you might need in a 'pickle' - think safety pins, nail files, hairbands, a pocket mirror, painkillers, tweezers and hand cream. I'm speculating wildly here that these are the things you, who is reading this right now, might most need. Of course, you can customise it to meet your own needs. USB cables, toothbrush, razor, camera memory card, drawing pencils, 20p for a phone box, the list is endless and completely depends on what the individual user of the Pickle Bag might need in an emergency. 

In compiling my Pickle Bag for me, Kate had got me down to a tee. I have short hair, so she had replaced hairbands with Kirby grips. I can never find lip balm, so there's a stick of that in there. And I work in first aid - safety pins and plasters are commodities that I take for granted, often need and seldom have to hand when I need them. Now I have them. I just have to remember to keep my Pickle Bag replenished, as, after owning it and carrying it about for a week, I've already used it more times than I can count. 

It's such a little thing that makes such a huge difference. Which is what it's all about.

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