About Iris Jones.

Iris Jones is Christina in disguise. I'm 28. I work mainly on an ambulance. I like:-

music, photography, cake, films, postcards, battersea power station, polaroids, running, scrapbooking, tattoos, video games, pink roses, dinosaurs, biscuits, lemon flavoured water, zombies, bright colours, london, blue hair, learning, 1950's high waisted jeans, band t-shirts, elephants, tentacles, driving fast, my bat-eared cat, road trips, words, chintz, the number 27, owls, coral nail polish, coke with ice, making things, music, books, rain, music, things from days gone by, french, gigs, marilyn monroe, tattoos, music, music, cake and music.

Have a look at my photos here:-

Iris Jones Photography.

I write for:-

100 Happy.

The High Tea Cast.

Contact:- iris@undane.co.uk